Друг Софии Ротару опубликовал ее раритетный снимок Sergey Peas congratulated people’s artist happy birthday. The man posted a photo that was taken 32 years ago. Many fans were happy to see the archival frame of Sofia Rotaru.

      Друг Софии Ротару опубликовал ее раритетный снимок

      On the eve of the people’s artist of USSR Sofia Rotaru celebrated her birthday. Singer performs on stage with the late 60’s and for over half a century pleases its fans with their creativity. Family, friends, colleagues, and many fans rushed to congratulate the famous singer happy birthday. Also decided to address kind words to the actress and her old friend – Sergei Peas. He was reminiscing of his youth, and published an archival photograph that was made 32 years ago.

      “1984, Kiev, Ukraine. Sofia Mikhailovna, happy birthday! Health, prosperity, love!” – wrote Sergey.

      Fans were happy to see Sofia Mikhailovna three decades ago.

      As before, now the singer continues to please listeners with new hits and actively speaks to the audience. However, there was a time when Rotaru refused to participate in concerts and almost lost interest in life. This was due to the fact that in 2002, her beloved husband Anatoly Evdokimenko suffered a severe stroke, and 10 years ago, men did not. Relatives and friends tried to do everything to bring the artist out of the depression.

      “Sonia has been through so that we were afraid to leave her alone! Of course, as could, supported. Sonia refused all concerts and filming for the first time in thirty years did not participate in the final of the TV program “song of the year”. For six months she even disappeared from the TV screens. Did not sing, did not come on the scene, closed in on itself. Every day in the morning went to the cemetery, on the grave of her husband, and held there for several hours. Talked to him as a living!”, — telling her younger sister Sofia Aurika Rotaru.

      Over time, however, people’s artist went back to the usual lifestyle. Son of Sophia Mikhailovna Ruslan assured mom that she needs to continue to be creative for the sake of the memory of his father. Heir found for new composers and helped to record the album, which the legendary singer called “the one”.

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