Each Maranova for the first time said the actor was on “death recovery”

Друг Марьянова впервые рассказал, как актер оказался на «смертельной реабилитации»
The producer has discovered previously unknown details of the tragedy.

Dmitry Maryanov


It’s been almost a month since then, how does Baranovym the tragedy occurred, but fans still can’t “get over it”. The circumstances of his sudden leaving of concern to many in the actor. A large number of questions related to the death Marianov and got no response. The other day there was a man, ready to uncover new details of the incident. He became a friend of Dmitry — producer albert Loginov. He knew that the Maryanov is preparing to undergo a rehabilitation course or even talked on the phone with him when he was in the ill-fated institution.

Loginov first told about who chose the institution where the Maryanov was in rehab. As it turned out after the death of Dmitry, the center of this was very questionable: at the institution there are former patients and had no necessary documents for implementation of the activities, not to mention the deplorable conditions of detention. Fans wondered: “If Dmitry was necessary for rehabilitation, then why is he not appealed to a more secure location?” Loginov admitted that the Maryanov considered other options. Albert blamed for choosing the “death recovery” for Dmitry on his young wife Xenia BIK.

“I also believe that the criminal component is present. I am sure that Dima killed. And then let the consequence understands. I will not discuss his relationship with Xenia. But the fact that Dima was in the hospital, only for her conscience. His friends, his agent Alevtina there were options other medical institutions, where medical professionals could provide assistance,” — said Loginov.

Maranova was taken to a rehabilitation center, when Loginova was not in the capital. He called up to him. Dmitry agreed with each other that when it is “patched”, they together go fishing and hunting. The producer was the last of the friends actor, who spoke to him. “We agreed that this will happen immediately after the premiere. After that, he took the phone with him, no one could mess with. For some reason, took the phone, I don’t know. These are all questions to Ksenia. A few days later I found out that my friend did not…” — quoted by other Maranova Sobesednik.ru.