Each Janet Jackson stepped in front of the haters

Друг Джанет Джексон вступился за неё перед ненавистниками

A sudden message about the breakup of singer Janet Jackson and Qatari rich man Wissam al Mana raised a whole tsunami of rumors and speculation not only about the cause, but the consequences of such a gap. Users of social networks, especially those that are not very loyal to the artist, I think that she just wants his millions. Divorced from businessman and left his son supposedly Janet will be provided until the end of his days, but Jill Duldulao, creative Director of the singer, could not observe how someone is spreading silly rumors and has placed all points over “i”.

On his page in social network Instagram, he wrote an angry post in defense of his employer and friend.
“I want to make a statement as a friend. Even if at the birth of a child, Janet was able to earn half a billion dollars, it would not have taken them because she’s human with the nature and such the treatment of men – not her style” — I wrote to Jill and added that Jackson and myself sponsor anyone, because it is successful and not poor.
Recall that the state of the singer at this point is estimated at 176 million dollars. Since their breakup, and in fact runs the rumor that in the case of divorce, the singer can count on the $ 200 million – part of the condition of her husband. It is assumed that Janet would declare their readiness to solve the issues of education and upbringing a son, and shall receive for these purposes a large sum. However, as stated by the official representative of the couples divorce.