Dzhigurda take away the heritage in 800 million rubles

У Джигурды отнимают наследство в 800 млн рублей

Notary invalidated the will of the American close friend of the artist.

How come and gone. Earlier this year Nikita Dzhigurda literally fell on the head of 800 million. The actor they bequeathed a legacy of godmother of his daughter, a close friend Lyudmila Bratash, who died in February of this year under mysterious circumstances. However, until now, Nikita has not received its state. And there is a risk that you will not receive.

Let’s start in order. With the advent of such large sums of money appeared in my life Dzhigurda and many problems. First, it is still not clear the circumstances under which he died Lyudmila Bratash. The younger sister and the driver Bratash, who worked for her more than 20 years, I believe that the army stole from a friend before her death. He argues that this family was poisoned a rich single woman.

One way or another, but the actor began to receive serious threats, saying if he did not renounce the inheritance, you will soon be able to meet with a friend. Nikita had some time to hide in America. Although that sister and the driver will strongly fight for her inheritance, and warned him she Bratash. It is clearly prescribed in his will made in 2010 in the US, “on the part of these individuals of possible fraud, blackmail and violence”.

After the chair is a Testament unveiled, the passion once poutihli. However, recently a new problem arose. Russian notary rejected submitted by the American artist will, because it “does not meet the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in form and content.”

Of course, Nikita Dzhigurda with this decision do not agree and intends to challenge it through the courts. In parallel, he started a case against Svetlana Romanova, the younger sister Bratash, that she has no right to claim the inheritance sisters. The actor has already filed a claim in Kuntsevsky court of Moscow