Джигурда публично обвинил Шепелева в обмане The controversial actor TV presenter caught in a lie. According to Nikita Ivanov, one of the last issues of “In fact”, dedicated to his person, misled viewers.

Nikita Dzhigurda was supposed to be the hero of the new edition of the show “actually”. However, the actor refused to take a polygraph test, and instead guests of the show were the brothers of the star and its former Director.

In the air raised the issue of probate Ludmila Bratash. Recall that the celebrity couple claim as a businesswoman, but as a sister of the deceased questioned the authenticity of the securities of a polygraph failed to establish whether the document is a forgery, but insisted the former Director Dzhigurda Antonina Savrasov.

They also discussed the difficult childhood of Nikita Borisovich. Big brother star claimed that Dzhigurda was always a difficult character.

The controversial actor came to the conclusion that his reputation is once again damaged. He publicly accused Dmitry Shepelev cheating.

“This program is written in advance scenario for which answers are adjusted to the guests. The truth, and the truth is there is no one cares. That is why when Marina refused to participate in the show Shepeleva. He wanted to drag us into a new trap, but in the end, invited Antonin Savrasovu and my brothers that was misled,” – wrote in Instagram out of the chair.

The actor wants his story made new release “Let them talk”. He is ready to reveal to Dmitry Borisov, the true situation will. Communicate with editors of other TV shows out of the chair flatly refuses.

Marina Anisina supported spouse. The famed skater claims that, in principle, do not agree to be tested on the lie detector. The young woman already had an unpleasant experience with the polygraph, and in this regard, she refuses to repeat the procedure.

“We were repeatedly invited to participate in the program Shepeleva. Offered decent fees, but we do not believe in the truth of this show. Spoke with Aziza, Danko, and they confirmed that the reading of the detector are not always true”, – explained his position Anisina.

Fans of the star couple has supported them. “I love your pair. Fight for the truth until the end”, “don’t believe this”, “Why did Shepelev participated in this show? I think he’s a good man and host of”, – shared his opinion of the fans Anisina those.

Now the star family continues to fight for the legacy of Lyudmila Bratash. Previously the army argued that the court satisfied their claim to the status of the deceased, but a sister of the deceased businesswoman has denied this information.