У Джигурды сильно пошатнулось здоровье The artist complained to reporters that in recent time suffers from a very high pressure. Health Dzhigurda shaken after the proceedings regarding the estate of his Kuma – Ludmila Bratash, that she left the actor and his children.

Nikita Dzhigurda told reporters that high blood pressure was for him already commonplace. Despite a noticeable deterioration of health, the artist is not going to go to the hospital for a checkup.

Dzhigurda told that all the problems had started because of litigation over the inheritance of his godfathers Ludmila Bratash, which she left his family. However, the sister of the deceased, Svetlana Romanova, accused Nikita that he had forged documents to take possession of the property Bratash.

“Two years of slander around my name have not been just like that! What about me didn’t say, and that the army had forged a will, and that I was a rapist, and that being fed his godmother, which supposedly stole the money! While I wasn’t instituted any criminal proceedings. Didn’t even open it because it’s bullshit. Of course, in the nervous system, my health gave way”, – said Nikita.

Recently, before the next court hearing Dzhigurda had a hypertensive crisis. The star had to call an ambulance.

“The pressure is off the charts for several months. The last court session was postponed: I was crippled by the attack! – Pressure: 230 to 130. The ambulance arrived on time, they gave me a shot and brought to life. Don’t think I give up! It’s psychological changes. Fortunately, I can meditate to bring down my blood pressure prayer. I have to stand in the name of love, children and ordinary people who can not defend themselves from the mob of black realtors because they are much weaker than we are. For if a folk artist and Olympic champion can’t get at the truth, achieve that will be pressing living space from unknown people”, – said Dzhigurda.

According to the artist, sister Bratash lost all courts. However, Romanov continues to disseminate false information to the address Dzhigurda.

“And her sister wrote: “don’t tell her where I am!”Show the illegal contract on the delivery of the son Romanova apartments, which is part of the hereditary mass, and she replied: “He stole the document!”Sculpts stuff some!”- said Nikita.

Dzhigurda admitted that in the difficult period supports his wife Marina Anisina. Famous figure skater does not believe the words of those who spread dirty rumors about her husband.

“The media call her and say that I’m sitting here on hard drugs. If vodka is considered a drug, then Yes, I’m an addict. Vodka is not prohibited doping. Psychologically helps. Anyone in my place would have escaped already, moved the horses or gave up. But I’m not giving up. I’m holding on!.. I’m not an alcoholic. Alcoholics can’t stop drinking, but I can. Two or three day does not drink, sometimes even a week. But then there is a stressful situation, and I’m drunk again. Relieve stress with prayer – and everything is fine,” – said the chair.

As stated by the artist in an interview with “Interlocutor” as soon as he takes possession of the inheritance, it will create a spiritual center in Greece. And, most likely, will move to live with Marina Anisina those and two children.