Джигурда и Анисина празднуют получение многомиллионного наследства The couple shared the good news about winning the case. Now Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina, apparently, have great state and a large estate. Showman expects an apology from detractors.
Джигурда и Анисина празднуют получение многомиллионного наследства

Loyal fans of the star couple, well remember the scandalous story of inheritance, which occurred a few months ago. After the death of the girlfriend of actor and figure skater – Ludmila Bratash – the woman still had three apartments in the capital: Rublevskoe shosse and Kutuzovsky prospect and Strogino apartment in France and a Bank account. According to celebrity, the deceased bequeathed all condition to them. They hoped to get it at the end of June. Lyudmila was the godmother of the children of the star of deputies and always wanted to have their life run smoothly.

However, the sister business lady Svetlana Romanova said that the will is caught in the hands of the actor are invalid, and the signature of the relative tampered with. The woman even filed a lawsuit, wanting to become the owner of a multimillion inheritance and to prove the dishonesty of znamenitosti. Nikita Dzhigurda shared partial details of the last trial. He said that the decision was made, and the couple will still receive the wealth left by a friend.

“The Kuntsevsky court rejected the claim Svetlana Romanova about what I had allegedly forged a will, poisoned her, stole her money, raped godfather! So, will Lucy Bratash found to be present! Can congratulate us on the victory! Romanova Light shines criminal charges for slander and lies against our family!”

It should be noted that the chair also called on detractors and the media to apologize for the statements, discrediting his honor. He stressed that he did not intend to continue the conflict and is willing to reconcile with the authors of negative reviews. Anisina supported beloved and also spoke on this occasion.

“Today was the court of probate Ludmila Bratash. The claim Romanova to our family rejected. Charges Romanova that will fake out of the chair rapist, is invalid! As I said before, we won!” – wrote in the microblog athlete.

Svetlana Romanova is no review for this reason is not allowed. Recall that this is a relative of the deceased promised to fight for the legacy to end. She claimed that the sisters will have no legal effect and the whole story planned in advance, Nikita.

The artist himself had previously accused the woman in the opposite. The celebrity believed that she along with the deceased driver tried to kill Bratash, illegally kept her in the hospital and was given drugs that worsen the condition. Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina have decided the issue of inheritance Bratash