Джиган закатил для дочери вечеринку египетской царицы The family of the rapper marked the fifth anniversary of the eldest heiress to Ariely. For girls organized a party with dancing, balloons and interesting contests. The event was stylized to the era of Ancient Egypt.

      The rapper djigan and his wife Oksana Samoilov gave an amazing party for daughter Ariely. The girl was five years old. On this occasion, the star’s parents arranged for the heir to a real party, to which were invited many guests.

      The birthday girl appeared on the evening in a white dress, adorned with chains of gold, as the event was stylized to the era of Ancient Egypt. Most of the guests adhered to the dress code and came in outfits in light shades. Entertainers were dressed in the costumes of pharaohs and congratulated the girl on their first birthday. In the middle of the evening began hot dancing with the characters from the fairy tales of Disney. Judging by the video in his moms girls, Oksana Samoylovoy, the holiday was great. “The best party in my memory. Happy birthday to our love”, has signed one of the rollers woman.

      At the end of the night the Ariel was a cake made in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid, and all those present, holding sparklers, sang the song “Happy Birthday to you”. The baby was happy and blowing out their candles, make a fondest wish.

      Famous dad wished his successor good luck. According to fans of the star couple, such pompous party suggests that the parents loved their babies, so the girls were happy.

      “The holiday is thought over to trifles, all designed in one style. Beautiful, young, successful! With a holiday!”, “Very beautiful family, nice, one can see that people are happy”, “happy birthday baby. Let it be happy and healthy. And the rest of the parents will give, for that they plow every day. Well done, that make the kids holidays, it is remembered for a lifetime,” wrote the subscribers Dzhigan under the photo with a trained tiger, who also became a hero party in honor of Ariela.

      By the way, djigan and Oksana Samoilova nothing is denied to the heirs. Fans of the couple never once abused star family for the rapper and his wife overly pampered little Ariel and Leah. “Stop writing this heresy about the fact that beautiful clothes deprive the child’s childhood and about the fact that my children will grow up spoiled, because I dress them up. My children are growing up in a moderate extent, and even in a head does not come, then that in virtue of their education involve some of the commentators,” said Oksana under one of the posts, responding to criticism of social network users.

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