Dzhigan celebrated their wooden wedding

Джиган отпраздновал деревянную свадьбу
The rapper has publicly confessed his love for his wife.

Djigan wife and daughters

Photo: Instagram

Djigan and
beautiful wife Oksana Samoilov said the wooden wedding, the rapper
said in his microblog. “8 years
together! And today, exactly 5 years from the day of our wedding 12.12.12, love,” the musician wrote.

gift for an important date, the couple believe the recent birth of their third daughter —
Maya. Oksana likes to tell that girl is just great! “The universe is the third time we were awarded the most
calm and smiling girl. But this is, at least, so. If The Mayans Are
begins to cry, rushing by Ariel with a frightened face and yells: “I told you
said she has become like a Leia! I can’t bear it!” Shorter Ariel
still nervous that her biggest fear may become a reality? It
by the way, and my biggest fear!” — admitted Samoilov.

that Dzhigan and his wife’s older two daughters: six-year-old Ariel and
three year old Leah.