Джанабаева показала подросшего сына от Меладзе The actress posted the picture with the Bone. The other day he was 14 years old. Fans Dzhanabaeva and Meladze I can’t believe that the boy already taller than my mom. Also have a pair of three-year growing Onions.

Albina dzhanabaeva is one of those celebrities who prefer not to advertise personal life. Star maintains a page on the social network, but mainly divided frames from the shoot and rarely shows members of the family. Wife of Valery Meladze wants to protect children from the increased attention of the public. The singer rarely discusses with reporters relationship with his wife and heirs.

The eldest son of Albina and Valery before the age of 14. Ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” touching congratulated him in the microblog. “I’m happy especially, and doubly enjoyed the sun! 14 years ago was born my boy, my son! What you’re an adult! Congratulations to all of today’s birthdays!” – said the star.

On the other picture Albina poses together with her son, but he stands back. The boy is already above mom and looks very adult. Fans admire heir Meladze and Dzhanabaeva. “As time passes, such an adult already. I wish you a daughter like you,” “the happiness of your family. Let he will grow up worthy of his father”, “Do baby-son mom ahead?” – discussed frame followers Albina.

Dzhanabaeva itself admits that insufficient time is paid to the education of children. However, to completely abandon the work of the spouse. not ready. “It’s bad that they rarely see me. You know, when I finished my participation in the group “VIA Gra”, and it was a crazy schedule, constant travel, flights… And suddenly everything stopped! I Wake up at home today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, beside me children, but I suddenly became scared. This pause in the work, it scared me, I was shocked. So I agreed to play roles in the theatre” – shared Albina in “My hero.”

Meladze was sympathetic to his wife. However, the artist does not exclude that sometimes they have even house to discuss some of the concert moments. “I recognize we have some things we say or don’t say. We can talk about anything. After I tell her about all sides of the performance. If something was wrong, how not to talk about it? How to fix the error, if they will, of course? And then it will be clear where to move further”, – Valery told reporters.