Dzhanabaeva, Chekhov and Sedokova looking for couple

Джанабаева, Чехова и Седокова ищут пару Today, April 9, on the channel “Yu” starts a new entertaining show. The project “guess my date” will lead Victor Loginov (the Gene Bukin in the series “Happy together”). Participants in the program will become a star of the Russian show-business.
Джанабаева, Чехова и Седокова ищут пару

Another fun project on our TV – “guess my couple” – is a Russian adaptation of the popular French format Couple or not (“Pair?”), dispersed around the world.

According to the rules of this program, two participants (in this case, two celebrities) should solve six couples, sweethearts, lovers, husband and wife are among two dozen standing on the podium.

For each correct answer, more precisely, for each matched pair of star heroes charge money, which unfortunately for them can burn in the final, the sixth round show in the final of miss.

Джанабаева, Чехова и Седокова ищут паруThe film has already participated: Anna Sedokova, Mitya Fomin, Elena Kuletskaya, Dmitry Miller, Albina dzhanabaeva, Jasmine, Anfisa Chekhova, Evelina Bledans, Victoria Daineko, Denis Klyaver and other stars. Not only show-business and sport. Promise also a number of popular bloggers and vlogery.

And the leads of the show and helps the heroes to find out who among the crowd is a couple and who is not, – Victor Loginov, known to television viewers for her role of Genes Bukina in the sitcom “Happy together”.