Dylan O’brien will become wards of Michael Keaton

Дилан О’Брайен станет подопечным Майкла Китона

Obtained on the set of the triquel “the maze Runner” trauma Dylan O’brien for some time knocked him from the work schedule. The actor is recovering and is preparing to return to the site. However, time at the hospital Dylan is not lost and even managed to pass the audition for a new project – a Thriller called “American killer.”

The screenplay will be based on the best-selling author Vince Flynn and I will tell about CIA agent Mitch Rappe, who leads a ruthless hunt for the terrorists. In the book hero we are presented with an experienced agent, behind which is even more skilled veteran of the Cold war with a bad character is Stan Hurley. By the way, Hurley is given the role of Michael Keaton.

Note that the adaptation of Flynn’s novel could take place a few years ago.

In 2012 the company Lionsgate called the project of Bruce Willis as a teacher of RAPP and was ready to pay to Chris Hemsworth a fee of $ 10 million for itself a Central role in the film, but the star of “the Avengers” have preferred to refuse.

Shooting “American killers” should begin in the summer. Most likely by the time Dylan has already completed work on “the maze Runner” and can fully indulge in the new role.


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