Умирающая сестра Мэрайи Кери снова публично просит ее о помощи

Older sister of Mariah Carey, a 54-year-old Alison asks for her help. This time publicly, through the press.

With the help of representatives of the information portal of the Daily Mail, the woman soon needed surgery on the brain and spine, encourages his sister to think again and not to leave her in the lurch.

“Mariah, I love you. I need your help. Please don’t leave me this way”, — the statement says Alison to Marie.

Will act if these words are a celebrity or she will remain true to its principles and would allow my sister to die, we learn in the near future.

Note that so far the pleas of Alison and brother-in-law sisters, Morgan, for help with no success. Mariah simply refuses to pay for the treatment of a relative, does not explain its decision.

But quite soulless Mario too difficult to call. As told journalists the representative, for many years the singer spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to help his sister and my four nephews (the youngest of them is now 14 years old), because Alison is a chronic drug addict (and some years ago doctors have literally pulled out it from a next world), a former prostitute, and the last few years – unemployed. Looks like Carey has patience snapped and she left my sister to fend for themselves.

By the way, now thought the artist occupied a perfect other. The singer is preparing for her wedding with a billionaire Jason Packer, the approximate cost which will be equal to $ 100 million.

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