Dying Sher shares acquired

Умирающая Шер делит нажитое

Disturbing news for fans of singer cher. Seventy-year-old celebrity was sure that life leaves it, and therefore enjoys the moment and shares everything that has earned in his long career, among his relatives.

305 million state she is going to spend on their adult children, sister and close friends. Two adult sons of the singer Elijah blue, Olmen and Chaz Bono (back in 2010 it was a woman named chastity) will get through the house, a mansion in Beverly hills will get also the sister of the artist. My elderly 89 year old mother cher took to her despite the fact that her status now is not the best.
“Cher knows that her life is coming to an end. She now wants to resolve all differences and to have time to deal with the legacy” — said the insider.
Recall that in 2014, cher is ill with a serious viral disease that has given complication on kidneys. Because of the problems with this body, she even was forced to abandon part of the world tour Dressed to Kill. Doctors advise the singer to take care of your health and make a pause in your career.

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