Dying Sher says goodbye to Hollywood

Умирающая Шер прощается с Голливудом

The once very popular and successful actress and singer cher has not the best days of my life. Despite a desperate struggle with the consequences of serious virus and kidney disease, the artist decided to do a movie role as an employee of a nuclear facility, which has suffered from tainted drinking water.

Epstein-Barr she became ill in 1980. The disease has confined her to her bed and almost sent her to the light, gave complications in the kidneys and heart, has led to depression. In summer 2014, the singer suffered serious complications of the disease, and only narrowly survived. She had on the advice of doctors to abort his world tour. It soon became known that cher should you wear a heart monitor, and therefore, the continuation of tour will not. Now 70-year-old diva feels that life is coming to an end, but to sit idly by and wait for death she’s not going. Cher believes that the obligation to make the last leap and say goodbye to Hollywood.
At the same time, friends and relatives of the singer fear that the work might drive it into the grave before his time.
“Cher is on its last legs. She lost a huge fortune, unsuccessfully investing. This film is not just an opportunity to remind the world about yourself, is the ability to earn on his last journey. I heard that her medical bills are so big that her legacy may not cover them and she can’t even pay my own funeral. It’s so sad,” — said the insider.
Other sources also confirm the dire financial situation of the artist. Supposedly she’s been loans paid relatives paid their children and numerous relatives, and a few years ago laid out a huge sum for an experimental treatment for the deadly virus, residual effects of which she is keenly aware of even now. Last year she sued the financial company, which robbed her of $ 1 million.
In the spring and summer of this year, cher is planning to say goodbye to the world of music, and do it with the help of several concerts in Maryland, Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.
“That’s not what cher did in her Golden years, but she has no choice” — said the insider.