Дуэйн «Скала» Джонсон под «сопляком» имел в виду Вин Дизеля

Yesterday we reported that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson has left on his Facebook page an angry post about how he believes some of his colleagues on the film “fast and furious” “jerks”, “cowards” and “unprofessional”. While we wondered who exactly he meant, the situation cleared itself. Turns out it was a dig at none other than.. VIN Diesel.

How did you find out the TMZ of the members of the crew, Dwayne criticized all the ideas and suggestions coming from VIN Diesel, and the tension between them was felt from the very beginning. Recall that VIN Diesel is not only involved in the franchise from the beginning, but also co-produced the last part, which here-here will come to an end.
The participants of the shooting process and told what to shoot at times was impossible – so sparks between Duane and VI Diesel. As far as we know, the actors have settled contentious issues but do not know what bug bit. Most of the participants of the shooting process took the side of the Diesel and behavior Duane was Oh so unhappy. The Johnson called them “workaholic” in his angry posts thanked them for their professionalism.

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