Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson became a father again

Дуэйн «Скала» Джонсон вновь стал отцом
Actor Dwayne Johnson became a father for the third time.

Дуэйн «Скала» Джонсон вновь стал отцом

The family of a famous Hollywood actor Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson updated wife of 45-year-old actor Lauren Hashian gave birth to a girl. Babe got a beautiful name Tiana. The message about the new family member and the daughter of Dwayne posted on his blog: “All my life I was surrounded by strong and loving women. However, only after I was with Lauren at the time of the birth of our child, I felt a whole new level of love, respect and admiration to her and all women.”

Дуэйн «Скала» Джонсон вновь стал отцом

Дуэйн «Скала» Джонсон вновь стал отцом

Recall that Tiana was the second joint child of Johnson Hashian also Dwayne has a daughter from his first marriage.

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Author photo: instagram, vk.com

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