Dwayne Johnson was named the most sexy in the overseas show business

Дуэйна Джонсона признали  самым сексуальным в заокеанском шоу-бизнесе
Former wrestler walked Leonardo DiCaprio!

Dwayne Johnson

Photo: Fotodom.ru

This year’s edition People traditionally elects each year, “the
sexual among the living”, took a rather unexpected decision. Although there nominated
in this title the actors were the favorites of the viewers female, as a performer
Superman Henry Cavill and the other actors — Tom hardy, Chris Pratt and
even he, Leonardo DiCaprio, the title went to … former wrestler 44-year-old Dwayne Johnson!
It was his photo graced this year’s cover of the special issue of People.

Upon learning of the honor, which he was awarded, Dwayne
commented, showing the presence of a sense of humor: “I
very happy. I said to myself: “this is so cool!”. And then wondered:
but, I think I have already peaked. Further, it seems to me to move have nowhere to go…”

This year was actually unusually successful for
Johnson. He managed to appear in three film projects and his schedule
painted right up to the 2019 year. And this summer, such a solid publication as Forbes recognized him as the highest paid actor in
the world, because in the last year alone Dwayne earned 64,5 million dollars. And
this despite the fact that Johnson, the repeated world champion, wrestler for
known as the Rock, became a professional actor relatively recently — he left
the sport in 2004.

Now, Dwayne joined the cohort
holders of the title “the sexiest among the living”, among them was Chris
The Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, johnny Depp, Richard Gere… last year the winner was David Beckham. And the very first
“the sexiest…” was at the time
recognized as Mel Gibson in 1985.