Дуэйн Джонсон хотел бы стать президентом США

We’re used to seeing actor Dwayne Johnson mostly in action movies where he plays the brave men capable of any deed for the salvation of mankind, catching criminals, etc.

But “Rock” has admitted that acting is not all what he could do. In the Wake of his growing popularity Duane said that he sees himself in politics, and not just in the role, for example, the Governor of some state (as in the case of Arnold Shwarzenegger), and head of state.

According to Johnson, he as no one else fully understands the need for the American people, and therefore easily cope with the role of President.

“The idea is to become Governor or President, it seems to me tempting. I won’t deny, I’m just not ready. In addition, it will be a chance to affect people’s lives on a global scale. But first I’d like to do other things.” He told British GQ, later, in the TV show Good Morning America the actor added: “the Idea to run for President, seems pretty real to me. Over time, let’s see if the Americans will still be positive for my candidacy, and I feel powerless to expose her, to become a great leader, to truly change people’s lives, I will do it.”


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