Дуэйн Джонсон назвал новый «Джуманджи» продолжением, а не перезагрузкой

Former wrestler Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson continues to conquer the cinema. On account of the actor’s role in drama, and crime pictures, there’s Comedy, and now added to the adaptation stories.

The actor accepted the offer to participate in a movie called “Jumanji” and has agreed to play there a major role.

Colleague “Cliff” will be Kevin HART, with whom he already worked in the criminal Comedy “Half a spy.”

The script for the new film about the fantastic game of “Jumanji” writes Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinker, Director Jay Kasdan.

The shooting of the film will start in two weeks. Until the job started, Dwayne decided to tell a little about the future project.

So, Johnson noted that the new “Jumanji” is not a remake of the film of 1995, and its sequel: “in two weeks I will be reunited with old friends, Kevin HART and Jack black. We are honored to introduce a new generation of stunning the world of “Jumanji” 20 years later of all the events.

Premiere of the new film is scheduled for July 28, 2017.

Recall that in the original picture “Jumanji” starred actor Robin Williams. Given the fact that Williams is no longer with us (he committed suicide), Johnson promised in some way to honor the memory of the outstanding singer.

“The love and respect that I have for this man is boundless. We want to honor the memory of Williams ‘ character Alan Parrish in “Jumanji”. We already have a few ideas how to do it. I think your family will be proud of”, — wrote recently Dwayne in Instagram.

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