Dwayne Johnson brought the fan to tears

Дуэйн Джонсон довел своего поклонника до слез

Jimmy Fallon loves to play in the Studio for his program Tonight Show with guest stars. Each guest has to pass any test. For example, recently, actress drew Barrymore has set the Guinness record.

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson didn’t have to do anything extraordinary. Along with Jimmy Fallon, he went to theme Park Universal studios in Orlando, where dressed puppets themselves they had to take pictures with visitors.

The most interesting began when Dwayne and Jimmy was invited to photobombing visitors.

It happened as follows: the unsuspecting people went on stage to get their picture taken, and Johnson and Fallon had to “spoil” their images popping out from behind the scenes at the right time.

Of course, nobody could assume, that under the suits, not the actors, the puppets, and the real Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon, because, when the pranksters were removed from the “puppet heads” to greet their “victims”, the response was rapid.

The greatest joy of meeting with the “Rock” showed a guy named Michael Nevin. When he saw that under the head of Johnson hiding the same actor, Michael started to cry. It turned out that Nevin fan of “the Rock” since the age of five and always wanted a personal meeting with an idol. Thanks to a strange set of circumstances, this dream has come true. This situation proved once again that coincidences do happen, because in the amusement Park, Michael and his wife Jessica came during their honeymoon.

Later on the meeting with Michael Johnson wrote on Instagram, noting that it is because of those moments he loves the glory: “This is the best part of fame. He’s [Michael] not one, but THREE tattoos dedicated to me. His reaction is priceless, and I’m still shocked by the chain of events that led us to this wonderful moment. Thank You, Universe. Thank You, Destiny. I’m happy. And thank you, Mike, because you are the coolest fan! Congratulations to you and Jessica’s wedding. Hope you got the main four words that will make your marriage happy: “Yes, dear, you’re right””.