Во время второй беременности Мэри Шум рассказала, почему Артем Морозов уговаривал её сделать аборт
The first son of Mary to the Noise Space, born in the marriage with photographer Alexander Tikhomirov is only 2.5 years, it so happened that the now 31-year-old model is pregnant again, but now from his new 21-year-old boy.

Во время второй беременности Мэри Шум рассказала, почему Артем Морозов уговаривал её сделать аборт

We will remind, blogger and traveler Alexander Tikhomirov, a year of official relations, I realized that Mary and the son of Space is not what he wanted.

Eventually, Sasha went to the ex-participant of the show “the Bachelor” Radmila Sadykova.

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Mary has long suffered, but a few months ago I met 21-year-old blogger and sportsman Artem Morozov.

The pair traveled together and filmed a cool video, thereby earning a living.

“What to do if you really like the boy – attentive, caring, gentle, beautiful, smart, kind, cute, interesting, charming, educated and so much more… ? In short, 10 out of 10. But he is only 21 years old. I will be in 2 weeks 31:) on the one hand, we want to live and stereotypical thinking, but on the other … But, girls, believe me, it was impossible to resist”

– wrote Mary in Instagram on July 18.

And in early September, Mary Noise I realized I was pregnant. It turned out that it is unplanned. Artem was in shock and tried to persuade Mary to have an abortion.

“How did this happen? Accidentally. But that news was not less joyful. Even understand what I did to deserve such a huge gift. Happy Artem? To say that he was shocked – to say nothing. He believes that to become a dad at 22 is very early. I disagree, because the child is not a death sentence. This, on the contrary, the most positive change, which only can be in life. He brings focus, makes to act and live more efficiently, there is a most important task, begin to think in a different scale. A child is infinite love, inspiration, source of joy, of tenderness, though physically, of course, life becomes more difficult.

But all this stuff. Maybe he’ll realize with time. Not afraid to give birth while unmarried? What were you thinking? You are too casual about the pregnancy. Want to have another baby without a father? How can you birth to boys? the answer to these and similar questions in a personal, there is, but he’s a bit rough, because it is very true. My past experience has shown that there are no guarantees. My eyes are constantly crumbling family with me, share stories subscribers will, as an ideal husband was suddenly “owed nothing to anybody” as it “did not work with children”… And recently it has ceased to exist even one pair, I put myself in an example of the happy Union in difficult times. I realized that it is possible to fall in love, get married, get married, want a child that the man may want the family to burn it, gently touch his tummy and to talk about the magic that happens there, and then it will completely evaporate in a moment. I can’t guarantee the child’s father under any circumstances. Many women were confident in their men a million percent, they would have followed their them on the edge of the world, would be shared by any test, every day thanking the universe for the fact that they sent such a man, and then became single mothers. And yet there are fathers that their like would not. Dozens of examples of “fathers for show”

– writes the Noise in Instagram.

“According to the Directives, the Artem you are interested in. All because you are good experienced for me! A little calm your excitement.

What happened to Artem? All right, he’s not gone, lives Peter I in Moscow. In Sri Lanka and Bali go together. We had planned (before the news about the pregnancy) to meet, to travel together, and then – on the situation. The plan has not changed. If you want to live together, we will. I do not think, because sense – if people don’t want to be together, then no force can make them (not considering cases of material or physical dependence of one partner). How Tom relates to pregnancy? He is 22 years old, he didn’t want kids at this age like most people. He realizes that the child is a big responsibility. Moral and material. So, after learning about the pregnancy, was not happy and persuaded to have an abortion. About my attitude to abortion will write separately. Yes, he knew that there’s a risk (but, according to the laws of physiology, microscopic), and we both were not ready for such changes. Month the Theme was in shock, now recovered. No claims against him, behaves perfectly, although would prefer a couple of years of a carefree relationship. That man, in my opinion, should be done in case of pregnancy of his girlfriend, will write separately. Many believe that Tom is so similar to… Love the video, sports and travel, the tattoo on his arm… this is where the similarity ends. Sweet, gentle, tactful, educated, cheerful, kind – he’s a completely different person. But this does not prevent us to leave if we don’t be nice to each other. And that could be a million reasons. While I would not want that. I’m sure we’ll be friends anyway, because we have a child together.
In the case of the former I tried to maintain good relations, but, thanks to his “efforts”, it has become impossible. I think Artem will not do that, at least won’t admit to it. Who much for Artem worried that I “broke life” – you know I’m not the kind of person to manipulate a child to sue for child support and stuff. I look for honesty and conscience.”

Во время второй беременности Мэри Шум рассказала, почему Артем Морозов уговаривал её сделать аборт

Luckily, the guy changed his mind and now supports the mother and learns to communicate with her child from her first marriage.

Mary told about his attitude to abortion:

“I could have an abortion. ⠀

I usually try to use phrases that exclude a double meaning, so I can easier to understand. But experience has shown that there are people who still hear something. What I do is not even close to mean. Just in case I will specify – all I’ll write, just my opinion.

Во время второй беременности Мэри Шум рассказала, почему Артем Морозов уговаривал её сделать аборт

So, people are divided into 4 categories:

1) Abortion is murder. Such people believe in the existence of the soul from the moment of conception, feelings and sensations

2) Abortion is not murder. Sympathy for the embryo does not feel, but fear God, karma, health effects, so the abortion would not have

3) Abortion is murder don’t think you can do, because sure, to a certain period in the womb just a fertilized egg without feelings, souls.

4) Category, which I personally can’t understand. These people may believe in the soul, even believe abortion is murder, but their plans, the unwillingness to abandon the comfortable, carefree lives, etc. value above someone else’s life, so it would get rid of an unplanned child to live freely. It is unclear, of course, why not use a reliable method of contraception in this case? But such people do not particularly like to think about anything, because they are, in principle, don’t care about anything but himself.

I have never done abortions, but I think young could if necessary (early on, of course). I reasoned this way: if there is no possibility and desires to provide the child with a happy childhood, it is not necessary to give birth. That’s why I take a responsible attitude to contraception, for he knew that the pregnancy I did not need.

In another way, I began to treat abortion only with the advent of the Space. When I was pregnant, did not understand who it was my stomach. For me it was something abstract and incomprehensible. Not the person I now love more than anything. Now, when he was born, I know him. And, looking back, I feel that my stomach is growing it. You know?

Will try to explain.”.

Во время второй беременности Мэри Шум рассказала, почему Артем Морозов уговаривал её сделать аборт

Во время второй беременности Мэри Шум рассказала, почему Артем Морозов уговаривал её сделать аборт

Now Mary is on the 17th week of pregnancy and seems perfectly happy.

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