During the musical “Sweeney Todd” in New Zealand, two of the actors seriously cut the throat

Во время мюзикла «Суини Тодд» в Новой Зеландии двум актёрам всерьёз перерезали горло

During the premiere student of the musical “Sweeney Todd“, which was held in Auckland, New Zealand, almost died two actors. During the scene where they are the heroes of cutting his throat, the students were wounded really.

The Director of the College of St. Kentigern, where the accident occurred, Stephen Cole shocked as all the viewers. All wonder how this could happen, because of the razor, which lyrical hero allegedly cut the throat of their victims, were securely wrapped with duct tape.
“Razors were wrapped with electrical tape and secure the cellophane, and thus is completely safe for the actors. We checked them at rehearsals. It’s just a tragic accident,” Stephen said.
Student life was not in danger, today they left the walls of the hospital tomorrow and ready to resume the play. Judging by the “advertising”, the audience they will be more than enough.
Recall that Sweeney Todd is a character of urban legend, the Barber who killed a razor to their customers. In 1979 was first shown the musical Stephen Sondheim “Sweeney Todd, the demon Barber of fleet street”. In 2007 the musical was directed by Tim Burton, starring which starred johnny Depp.

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