Due to the lack of men Anfisa Chekhova touches herself

Из-за отсутствия мужчины Анфиса Чехова трогает себя сама
At the end of 2017 after seven years of relationship Anfisa Chekhova and Guram bablishvili officially announced the divorce.

Из-за отсутствия мужчины Анфиса Чехова трогает себя сама

After that Anfisa has never been seen with a man. It deals with son and work.

Из-за отсутствия мужчины Анфиса Чехова трогает себя сама

Although she admits that she is quite lonely. So she hugs herself:

“From single women I often hear the phrase: “I have lacked a strong male embrace!”

You know what all of us, single and married, not enough?

Their own hugs!!!Remember the last time you hugged yourself? When was stroking his hands and legs and said to myself: “You’re the best!”?

According to my observations, the lack of contact with yourself is the biggest women’s issue! Leading to depression, dissatisfaction with life and oneself, illnesses, neuroses and even excessive weight.

You are the closest person that you have!

Nothing, absolutely nothing, we can’t replace yourself!

Embrace yourself! Quietly. Right now. Say mentally: “my Girl, I’ll always be with you! And will support you whatever happens!”.

And treat yourself often!

I, for instance, buy a lot of @estelle_adony the best, I know, silk negligees and robes #marjolaine

It would seem, what folly, to sleep in silks, even if you sleep alone. It would seem, to dress up in beautiful lingerie to seduce a man!

But no. Need to dress up to emphasize their exceptional value…first of all, for herself.

Good day, girls!

And think about themselves only in superlatives”.

Agree, the is, but what kind of fine, straight taste : ) well Done, Anfisa.

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