Due to problems with money Pugacheva returned to the stage

Из-за проблем с деньгами Пугачева возвращается на сцену

The economic crisis in the country seem to have affected the family of Alla.

Alla Pugacheva has announced his departure from the scene in the spring of 2009. But by this statement the artist had in mind the cessation of tours and the release of new hits has not been canceled. However, singing Diva delighted the audience not very often: one-two compositions during the year was for her enough, and corporate events and it avoided.

But this year, the artist recorded from 30 songs what servicecalculate their authors in social networks, and also sang at several weddings of Russian businessmen (read more HERE).

In General, everything suggests that Pugacheva has returned to her career for the sake of money. Especially in a country the crisis broke out, creative school for children, as you know, a special profit does not bring (all funds go to pay off the rent and teachers ‘ salaries), and two children: twins Harry and Lisa. Why not help her husband, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

However, in a recent interview Alla Borisovna noted that long-term life plans do not build.

“I have to see myself tomorrow, not in five years… I listened to the doctors, and they told me only allowed to walk and a little swim,” said Pugachev edition “Days.ru”. Read more HERE.

But tell us a little about new hits (the first of them, by the way, called “do Not call” it is already possible to listen on the network).

“Well, I’m versatile. Today I want to sing a “Ding-Ding-Ding”, and after some time, maybe sing something completely different. What you see is what I sing. What a voice, and the old”, – said Alla.

Now colleagues and fans of the actress wondering not decide whether Pugacheva concert in your birthday? One can only imagine how many viewers will want to listen to her new repertoire and to remember the old songs.