Due to Larisa Dolina students massively expelled from the University

Из-за Ларисы Долиной студентов массово отчисляют из вуза Time students Myka said, why not delighted with the teaching methods of the stars. Some argue that Larisa Dolina gives them no chance; others, however, believe that she is a fair teacher.
Из-за Ларисы Долиной студентов массово отчисляют из вуза

Singer Larissa Dolina has time not only to tour the country, but also to teach. Last year she headed the Department of pop-jazz singing at the Moscow state Institute of culture. Hundreds of students dream to get to her course. But the methods of teaching stars satisfied not all. The third time students forced to transfer to other universities.

“She doesn’t like zaochku and wants to cover it – says “StarHit” Alexander Forest, student Mgica. – He says this form of training does not give knowledge to the contractor. I don’t agree. We get musical skills – sing in cafes, at events. And in the classroom, teachers correct them. Larisa took us exam. I was very worried and preparing day and night. Valley said, they say, not sing, period. And my teacher assesses me well.

In the end, she was expelled 8 people out of 30 after an exam with the words: “you Have no talent!” It is useless to argue, nobody hears. The Dean has one answer: “Larisa Alexandrovna is always right. I do not like? Search for another University!” I followed the advice: at the end of the semester are transferred”.
Из-за Ларисы Долиной студентов массово отчисляют из вуза

Some Valley students driven to an emotional breakdown. “After the exam from Larisa Alexandrovna I earned intercostal neuralgia, – shares with “StarHit” Irina Sych, a student of the University. – Then another long lay the house in poor condition. From the Valley it makes sense to learn only if your educator-curator with her friends. Mine didn’t even support when Larisa publicly criticized my singing. She kicked me out of the exam without the right to retake”.

All expelled students applying to other universities. And continuing education are sure that the star criticizes the case.

“Valley of the strict but fair, says “StarHit” Anna Melnikova, a student of the singer. It exam – like casting. Checked everything: the voice, the timbre, the perfect purity of intonation… the Valley you can’t sing jazz if you don’t know how. She tells everyone: “Choose a song according to his abilities!” If the singer puts a deuce, so she doesn’t see the potential. If three ways, it is. Just need to be prepared for the portions of criticism, it is normal! Especially Larisa Alexandrovna so much experience!”