Из-за серьезной травмы Дюжев вынужден ходить с палочкой

With the actor of theatre and cinema Dmitry duuuum recently had an accident that almost cost him his shots in the new year transfer.

Keira Knightley is known not only as an actor and Director, but also as a participant in many shows on the First channel. We all remember how awesome he was on the show “Two stars” and even took first place in duet with Tamara Gverdtsiteli.

And now the actor is taking part part in the filming of the Christmas episode of “Moscow nights” together with Christina Orbakajte, Lolita, Tatiana Navka, Ivan Urgant and others. However, the TV crew was already decided that this time will have to do without the artist… But Dmitri surprised everyone and despite good reason – broken leg, he still came.

Especially Dyuzhev shocked the Russian athlete, double Olympic champion Elena Isinbaeva, who is also involved in the filming of “Moscow nights”.

Elena met the actor in the hallway:

– I thought it was a joke when I heard that you broke my leg!

– So treat it that way! laughing, advised Dyuzhev, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Who, if not Elena, can understand the artist, because she also recently received a leg injury.

Recall that this happened just when Elena was about to speak to the fans in one of the competitions in his native Volgograd. Isinbayeva had to abandon a speech five minutes before the start of the championship. The cause was an old injury that suddenly made itself felt. It was a real shock for fans of the double Olympic champion, and Elena. The restoration took more than a month.

First Dyuzhev, strode through the set with a cane, refused to answer questions about his injury:

– No comment!

Later, the artist shared with the singer Lolita, who also starred in the show “Moscow nights” that he at first did not recognize the fracture.

It all happened by chance: Dyuzhev hit his leg on a metal plate on the floor. Who doesn’t?! The usual slight bump, thought the actor. But after a while the pain in his leg began to intensify and cause discomfort when driving. Then Dimitri turned to the emergency room, where x-rays from him and found a fracture. Despite such unexpected trouble, the actor remains in a great mood, lots of joking and, of course, is not going to miss an appointment!