Герцогиня Кейт получила подарок от Королевского фотографического общества
Kate became an honorary member of the society on par with the great photographers.

Kate Middleton

While Elizabeth II is trying to overcome a severe form of flu, has violated all of the Christmas traditions of the Royal court, Kate Middleton received a prestigious gift in the beginning of the new year —the Royal Photographic Society announced the Duchess is an honorary member! As it turned out, Kate, in due time received a diploma in arts at University where she met her future husband, Prince William, has long been interested in photography. But most importantly, Kate and in this case managed to break the rules and traditions of Royal life. After the birth of her daughter, Princess Charlotte, Duchess refused the services of the official court photographer, and myself — for the first time in the history of the Royal family made the so-called official portraits of the “Royal child” for presentation to the public.

Since then, Kate takes a lot of pictures of their children to the media and at official events, and a it made of photos of George and Charlotte touches millions of people around the world. They melted the hearts of the professionals of the Royal Photographic Society. Although in the beginning, when Kate was only trying to create a reputation as a talented photographer, her work is not very impressed critics. For example, images of animals and wildlife, which she has done during her and Prince William’s visit to Borneo in 2012 and shared them with the public, caused a very modest response. Some famous photographers have said that the Duchess of Cambridge is not without certain abilities, however, “these works are of high quality and performance.”

Kate is not the first of the royals, who are affiliated to the Royal Photographic Society. It was founded by the great-great-great-grandmother of the heir to the throne Prince William and Queen Victoria in 1853. Queen Victoria and her husband Prince albert were patrons of photography and Queen Victoria allowed the society to receive the title “Royal”. But if Prince William will soon be king, his wife, is constantly breaking the court tradition, is unlikely to have time for his hobby.