Duchess Catherine was seated 3-year-old son behind the wheel of the plane

Герцогиня Кэтрин усадила 3-летнего сына за штурвал самолета
Prince George wanted to take his parents home.

Герцогиня Кэтрин усадила 3-летнего сына за штурвал самолета

Kate Middleton and Prince George

8-day visit of Prince William and Duchess
Catherine with children to Canada has ended a funny episode. Hospitable hosts
worked for the family a special route: first they had
sea plane to arrive from British Columbia, where he examined local attractions
in Vancouver. And then from there on Board a canadian military plane to fly in

And now,
when the plane landed in Vancouver 3 years in Prince George he began to pester mother
pleas to allow him to sit at the helm. And Catherine had no
how to make a request to the captain of the aircraft to allow the young Prince to go to the control room
plane. After receiving consent, George came to the indescribable delight: he was allowed
not only to sit in the copilot’s seat, but also to touch different buttons
and levers, pretending that he runs the ship. Moreover, Prince did it all
with a comically serious look. So Kate decided to play along and said, “And
where are you going to take us?” And George answered without hesitation: “of Course home to
England!”This story was told to the reporter of website Daily Mail.

Incidentally, the Prince for his yet short
life is not the first time had to sit in the pilot’s seat. The fact that George is experiencing uncontrollable cravings for any kind of technology. Summer
when he is with dad William and mom Kate visited an Airshow in Britain, he
begged my mother to allow him to sit in the cockpit of the most beautiful, bright red plane Red Arrow.
And the boy was just happy looking at the control panel and asking
the pilot, why the need for “all these things”.

To the dismay of George, who is clearly like
to travel, next time he will probably have to go with parents
on tour soon. Katherine explained. That took a child Prince and his
the adorable 17-month-old sister Charlotte — as an exception. She believes that the Prince and Princess should be
spend more time with their peers that they had ”
the possibility of a normal childhood.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William with kids

Photo: PA Images/TASS