Duchess Catherine tried again put the fatal tiara Princess Diana

Герцогиня Кэтрин снова примерила роковую тиару принцессы Дианы
The wife of Prince William is not afraid of bad omens

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Photo: PA Photos/TASS

The Duchess of Cambridge once again produced a stunning
impression on the guests gathered at Buckingham Palace for the annual big
a diplomatic reception. Moreover, this effect Kate had managed to achieve
relatively small means: she used the same dress and jewelry that
already saw it last year. This was told the online edition of Daily Mail.

Kate appeared in the Palace in a spectacular red dress by Jenny Peckham, stressing all
the dignity of her figure. However, the economical wife of the future monarch did not want
splurge on a new outfit, even on the occasion of such an important appointment. It again
used the same dress in which last year shone during
Banquet on the occasion of the arrival in Britain of the President of China XI Jinping. And
jewelry, ottenuta beauty Kate, they have already seen before. We are talking about
tiara, in which the Duchess of Cambridge appeared at last year’s reception.

It is curious that this ornament, which is called the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, at the time, often
seen on beloved mother wife Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana. Diana tiara inherited from Queen Elizabeth in
as a wedding gift, and the Queen herself inherited the jewelry from her
grandmother, Queen Mary, by order of which was in 1913, the year made this
jewel. The huge size of the pearls, platinum and diamonds on the tiara are not
I really like that it was very heavy. And although she often complained,
that she is sore from all that decorating head, she suffered, but still believed
it is their duty to carry the gift of the Queen…

By the way, many noticed that Kate started to wear jewelry
once belonged to the unfortunate Diana, who died tragically at the age of just 36
years feared that it can bring the Duchess of Cambridge unhappiness. But
Kate such prejudices seem completely confused. Otherwise, how would she
we could, for example, the wear ring of the late Diana with a sapphire given to her
Prince William as a sign of engagement?