Duchess Catherine is pregnant with twins?

Герцогиня Кэтрин беременна близнецами?
Prince William is concerned about the health of his wife.

The Duchess Of Cambridge


The British now
interested in the Affairs of the Royal family, struck by the unexpected news. As
told the reporter of newspaper Life and Style the informant close to the Royal court, the pregnant wife of Prince
William she was expecting twins!

information, Katherine and William, learned about it during the last ultrasound was
stunned by this news. As for Prince, he, besides, was
is concerned — we are to make the twins even more difficult than one child. But if
consider the fact that pregnancy Catherine is every time accompanied
pathological toxicity, the situation is even more serious. Not to mention
about how much effort and attention it requires to care for twins. But Catherine is,
besides two children — four-year-old George and Charlotte, where spring
it will be three years.

last week, the reporters desperately tried to guess who it’s carrying
the Duchess — daughter or son? They saw hints in the color of the outfits
Katherine saw the light of day. But all was in vain: the Duchess seemed specially
knocked-wing reporters — she was dressed in pink, in blue… And
no official information on this account was not reported.

The only
official statement from Kensington Palace, the remains of what was
made in the beginning of September: “the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge happy to report
the Duchess was waiting for the third child!” And those who reacted with disbelief to the
the message about the twins, which supposedly pregnant Catherine, indicate that the statement we are talking about
the kid, not “children”. However, at that moment the Duchess was no more
than in the second month, and at such an early period theoretically there is a possibility
“overlooked” the second tiny embryo. However, the development of events will show
is it true message of Life and Style.