Duchess Catherine is caught in a love triangle

Герцогиня Кэтрин попала в любовный треугольник
Prince William may repeat the fate of his father.

Герцогиня Кэтрин попала в любовный треугольник

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Photo: Splash News/East news

As you know, the marriage of William’s father – Prince Charles broke up because of his long-term relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles. The intimate details of their affair became public knowledge that in the end led Princess Diana to the decision to divorce unfaithful husband. As it turns out, a similar story is threatened and the younger generation of the British Royal house. Like Charles, William, apparently, is going to be married to one woman, while not ceasing to love another. The Prince cannot forget his first love — Jessica Craig…

Jessica Craig

Photo: Splash News/East news

Jessica is a representative of the fourth generation of the family, once
emigrated from the UK to Kenya. Her great-grandfather in 1922
here he built a farm where they bred calves. His business was so successful,
the family became rich, and Craige began to buy up the surrounding land. And
the father of Jessica was based on belonging to him is already very extensive
the territory is more than twenty thousand hectares — reserve for wild
animals. William met Jessica in 2001 and since then
seeing her regularly. At the time there were even rumors about them
the engagement, but the Royal court has officially denied them. The fact that
Jessica is not suited to the role of the wife of the Prince and disciplined
William did not dare to go against tradition and the will of the Queen.

But the match continued multiplying. Even an engagement to Kate Prince
chose… the house of Jessica in Kenya! Not to remember in this situation the Pope Prince
Charles, who, as you know, asked for the hand of Diana in the garden of my
mistress Camilla, is simply impossible. Someone even started a rumor that
this is Jessica, as formerly Camille, brings his beloved with
another woman, then secretly enjoy the novel in the
she is not destined to marry…

Now the family of William and Kate gives the impression of a model. They
fulfill all the requirements of the Protocol of the Palace: a regular photo
children, official visits to friendly countries, techniques and
charity events… But the Prince and then makes time
to visit Kenya, ostensibly for protection of wild animals, and in
to see Jessica.

Kate obviously makes sense to take a closer look at her husband. And
hope she will not repeat the fate of William’s mother — Princess Diana.

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