Герцогиня Кэтрин скрывается от папарацци после родов
The wife of Prince William is avoiding public appearances.

Duchess Catherine and Prince William with son Louis


Catherine Duchess of all the forces avoiding the paparazzi after he has become a large mum. On April 23 at discharge from hospital St. Mary’s Hospital where was born the Prince Louis, the wife of Prince William willingly posed for the reporters, but then disappeared from their sight. On the eve of the photographers still managed to get a new photo for Katherine. She was caught on the outskirts of Kensington Palace, but the Duchess was discontented, in fact, she pointedly turned away from the cameras.

A few days earlier, the paparazzi had caught Catherine on a walk with children: Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, but the Royal guard did not let the correspondents do the Duchess. Previously, she was more friendly towards photographers, but now for some reason she tries to avoid them. However, tomorrow she will still have to stop hiding, because her husband Prince William is best man and brother Prince Harry on his upcoming wedding with Meghan Markle.

Now in Central London are the final preparations for the solemn ceremony, which is scheduled for tomorrow. Today will be a dress rehearsal of planned activities. As can be seen from the social networks, the wedding caused the British serious buzz: many of them yesterday (in two days) took the best places on the street to see at least part of the ceremony.

By the way, the organizers yet have not given the answer to the main question about the wedding of Harry and Megan: who will lead the bride to the altar? We will remind that last week the father of the bride — Thomas Markle had a heart attack. The doctors did not allow him to be present at the wedding.