Герцогиня Кэтрин решила нарушить семейную традицию, сложившуюся много лет назад

This week we talked about the changes in life that lie ahead of Prince William and his family. The monarch and the future king of great Britain to give up work (pilot of the helicopter ambulance) in the interests of the family and their country. In particular, it was said that the Dukes of Cambridge will soon expect the move to London.

In the capital, Prince George, in July of this year will be 4 years, had to go to school under the name Wetherby School in Notting hill. That’s because once started their education and the father of the young Prince, and his uncle. Here, for several years, Princess Diana took her sons. But it is Prince George going to break the tradition, established over many years.

The fact that the famous school now the center of attention of the press because of the children who are its pupils. Here you can see the children of celebrities and dignitaries.

The hype around the other, as considered by William and Kate, it is not necessary, because boy parents are sent to another school. Selected parents of the Prince school is not so famous, but it is much smaller, located in a more secluded place and, moreover, is literally a five minute walk from Kensington Palace (it was here that the family will soon move).