Duchess Catherine gave birth to her third child!

Герцогиня Кэтрин родила третьего ребенка!
The birth lasted only two hours.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


The Duchess Of Cambridge,
which was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital today by car from Kensington Palace about nine o’clock, gave birth to another son! Birth
was very short: they lasted just over two hours. For comparison,
his eldest child — Prince George — the Duchess was in labor for over 10 hours, and
his younger sister Charlotte — entire
2.5 hours. The newborn was the fifth in
the queue to the throne. The crowd of reporters, which is on duty at the walls of the hospital, now looking forward to the opportunity to make
the first photo of the new heir to the throne. Maybe they will get the desired shots
soon after Charlotte’s birth, Catherine had left the hospital and
went home just a few hours.

At birth the Duchess helped the same team of doctors that
the first two times — when the light appeared first George, and then to Charlotte.
Led a group of physicians
the surgeon-gynecologist Hai Trails-Beeston gynaecologist and consultant Alan Farthing.They made sure everything went the best way.

about a third of the pregnant wife of Prince William was officially announced in
September. As reported, although Catherine was at that time in the early
the duration of pregnancy, about her “interesting position” had to report, because
the Duchess felt bad and could not take part in the planned
events. She again, like the first two times, suffered from extremely severe
forms of toxicity — “hypermesis