Duchess Catherine flashed at a reception in the jewelry of Princess Diana

Герцогиня Кэтрин блеснула на приеме в драгоценностях принцессы Дианы
The wife of Prince William is not afraid of bad omens.

Герцогиня Кэтрин блеснула на приеме в драгоценностях принцессы Дианы

The Duchess of Cambridge once again proved that it is absolutely not superstitious
appearing at a reception at Windsor castle in the precious jewel princesses
Diana. We are talking about pearl earrings,
belonging to the tragically deceased Princess Katherine which complements its

Earrings, decorated with unique pearls combined with diamonds,
the late Diana got at the time as a gift to your wedding with
Prince Charles. It
this gem was on Diana at the time of her marriage, which began with
the unfortunate marriage of the Princess. Moreover, subsequently, these earrings have become one of the
her most favourite decorations, the wife of Charles appeared in them in public very often.

Any superstitious person in the place of Katherine
would be afraid to wear that thing, believing that she can bring her
misfortune. But the wife of Prince William did not believe in omens. To start with
the fact that she almost never parted with the famous sapphire ring, given to her
at the time, William on the day of engagement — and it, too, had belonged to Diana. Besides,
Catherine has repeatedly appeared in public
and other jewels tragically lost Princess, including her beloved tiara. Here
at a reception at Windsor castle the Duchess shone not only in earrings, though Diana, but
and pearl necklace, which is also loved once a Princess. It, however, lady Di does not belong: this jewel lent to the wife of Charles, her mother-in-law is the Queen

As for the reception, at which guests gathered at Windsor
The castle, then it was a special occasion — the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the marriage of Elizabeth II and
Prince Philip. In fact, it was previously announced that this date will be
marked only “family dinner”. However, the number of arrivals at the dinner of members
the family of the Queen, including her children, nephews, grandchildren and other
relatives was so great that the event looked more like a
great reception. Incidentally, earlier on the same day, Elizabeth made a special
gift your spouse on anniversary — she gave him a Big Ryzykiem
Cross — “for many years of loyal service to the Queen”.