Duchess Catherine and Prince William choose a name for your third child

Герцогиня Кэтрин и принц Уильям выбирают имя для своего третьего ребенка
Media reported about the pregnancy of the wife of the heir to the throne.

The Duchess Of Cambridge


According to the publication
Star, 34-year-old wife of the heir
the throne again expecting a child. The official statement from Buckingham Palace while
that followed, but a source knowledgeable about the Affairs of
the Royal family announced this
news reporter of the above-mentioned weekly.

Duchess Catherine while in the early stages of pregnancy, however, she suffers from acute morning sickness.
As reported earlier, both times when Katherine was carrying his children – and George,
and Charlotte, she observed complication of pregnancy, which doctors refer to as “hypermesis
gravidarum”. When the diagnosis of female much longer than usually suffer from
nausea and can lose a high percentage of its weight. If this time
Kate is just as bad as the previous two times, the Duchess will have
significantly reduce their activity in terms of appearances and travel. Looks like
the couple prepare for such an option, as the nearest of
the planned Royal tours in
Vietnam — Prince William decided to go alone, without his wife.

According to
source, although the exact information about the gender of the unborn child yet, Kate
pretty sure she was born again girl. And currently wife
choose a name for your future baby. Allegedly, they while they tend to
to call her Diana. Although coming up with a name for the sister of George, Catherine
and her husband has honoured the memory of the mother of William,
calling the girl-Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, everyone calls her Charlotte and her third
the name is mentioned very rarely, only in official documents. But this time the couple intend to do so
the first name of the future baby became Diana.