Duchess Catherine again suspected pregnancy

Герцогиню Кэтрин снова заподозрили в беременности
The wife of Prince William suddenly changed plans for Christmas.

Герцогиню Кэтрин снова заподозрили в беременности

The Duchess Of Cambridge


The Duchess Of Cambridge

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All who follow the lives of the British
the Royal family, surprised spread the news: Prince William, his wife Duchess Catherine and the children decided to spend Christmas at the Royal
estate Sandringham, as originally planned, and the house parents
the heir to the throne — in Bukvari. This was reported by the reporter of the newspaper dailymail.co.uk CI
close to the Royal entourage.

This news came as a complete surprise, since
shortly before her appearance in the British press discussed in full the subject of child
the festival, which was planned in the estate of Elizabeth II — Sandringham. Because the Royal family just
managed to grow a whole gang of kids. In addition to a 3.5-year-old Prince George and
Princess Charlotte, which in the spring of 2017 will be two years, the Queen has
another great-grandchildren – two-year MIA and Savannah,
6-year-old Evil (the granddaughter of his only daughter
Queen — Anne) and a son and
daughter of the youngest son of Elizabeth Edward’s.
However, contrary to all expectations, Catherine announced that this Christmas she and her family
is going to spend in the parental home.

This news surprised everyone : because of the fact
the moment when Catherine became the wife of Prince William, that is from 2011 year,
she only once broke hardly the inviolable Royal tradition – to
the biggest winter holiday with Elizabeth in Sandringham. And then is
happened in 2012, dodging Kate from important events had serious
reason: it was in “interesting position” and her pregnancy was serious
complication, which doctors call “hypermesis
gravidarum”. Simply put, she was suffering from a terrible pathological toxicity.

But here in 2014 when Katherine was waiting for his second child, Charlotte, she was able
join the Royal Christmas
since it already passed the period of pregnancy at which it would not be just
difficult, but absolutely impossible to sit in Sandringham for the gala dinner a few

now, the decision surprised all Duchess of all saw the hint that she
again pregnant with her third child. After all, no other reason
so important to ignore the hospitality of the Queen at Christmas she
as far as we know, no.

Of course, only one failure wife of Prince William
from important events is clearly not enough for initiating a new wave of rumors about her allegedly
having a third pregnancy. But gossip is another argument: the last
Catherine was extremely rare to appear in public. And during your
the last “exit”, visit the children’s organization of young scouts — Scout Club — she was
dressed completely unfamiliar to her, with long shapeless sweater. And under
it folds saw a slightly protruding stomach, which is not typical
for superstring Kate… But you are right, those who believe that in the next year the family
the Duchess added another child, time will tell.