Duchess Camilla was accused of cruelty

Герцогиню Камиллу уличили в жестокости
Wife of Prince Charles admitted, what he does in his spare time.

Герцогиню Камиллу уличили в жестокости

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles

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Fans of the Royal
a British family was shocked to know about the passion of Camilla Parker-Bowles. It turned out that the wife of Prince Charles spends his free time
watching the series, containing a huge number of scenes of violence and cruelty.

Became known, the “Game of Thrones”
— one of the most popular television shows 68-year-old Duchess of Cornwall. About this
told the world one of the main actors of the series — kit Harington, who played
killed in the last season of the character Jon snow. “I met Camilla at Wimbledon
tennis tournament. My brother was invited there as a guest, and the Duchess
was there as a representative of the Royal family. And so, imagine my
surprise when in one of the breaks in the matches, I was approached by Camille and
spoke to me. You know what she asked? “You really died?” she asked with concern in his voice. For me it was a real shock!” said Keith in a recent interview.

It turned out that the love of
cruel movie Camille appeared some time ago. It also has already become a fan of one of the Swedish TV series about murder. And while Prince Charles
spends the day tending his garden and growing rare varieties of roses,
the Duchess is immersed in the view “bloodthirsty” movies.

By the way, the main
storyline of the TV series “Game of thrones” is is the struggle for the throne that
very symbolic in light of recent news about the British intrigues in
the Royal family. Rumor has it that after a long illness Camille again
intensified rivalry with Kate Middleton and her husband Prince
William. The fact that wife of Prince Charles is greatly concerned that Elizabeth
II gradually,
one by one, passes their honorable duty to the eldest son of Princess Diana and his wife Kate.
But by law, it is Prince Charles, the future king of great Britain, would become her successor.

Kate Middleton with Prince William and the children

Photo: Splash News/East news

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