Druzhinin left with “DANCE” and took his crew with him

Дружинин ушел с «ТАНЦЕВ» и забрал с собой всю команду

The mentor project was not accepted by vote of the audience and decided to leave the project, taking with him the entire team.

The project “DANCE. Battle of the seasons” serious passions boil. Not surprising. As this season of taking care of the participants answer the viewers, there is too much debate and conversation. For example, the last time the audience saw fit to kick Alice Dotsenko and Yulia Nikolayeva – but they in the previous seasons, reached the finals! Naturally, the results of a new vote all the participants and supporters were waiting for with bated breath.

Here is voiced the name of a member from the team of Miguel, who needs to leave the project, and then called a member from the team of Egor. They were some of the popular favourites of the choreographer. Here Druzhinin and exploded! He sharply spoke to the fans of the project and said that he was leaving the show, along with his entire team.

“In the state in which the project is now, and in the condition in which we as teachers are forced to due to the fact that the vote is purely a spectator and turns into a blind lottery, here as my participation in this project sense has no” – quoted LifeNews a mentor.

Channel management is confused, they did not expect such a turn and actually still don’t know if Druzhinin in the show. So far, the administration has decided to suspend the public vote.

“We can’t reach Egor, he’s at the rehearsal in another city, said Woman’s day at Comedy Club Production. – We’re all trying to understand the fate of the show.”

Incidentally, the filming was attended by Olga Buzova. And yesterday she hinted in her blog that the show was something out of the ordinary.

“I don’t know what’s wrong, but if past seasons I watched, not missing, this left me indifferent, despite the sincere sympathy of many dancers!!! But… until now… After what happened, I don’t know how the producers will protogut show…And you are curious to see??? Who do you support?”, – wrote a TV presenter.

Later journalists Woman’s day has managed to reach the culprit of the hype.

“While I have nothing to say, I need time to digest what happened,” said Yegor Druzhinin.

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