Drunk Madonna shocked the audience at the exhibition in London

Пьяная Мадонна шокировала публику на выставке в Лондоне

58-year-old singer is once again caught in a scandalous history.

Quite a long time Madonna has supported the image of a calm and balanced woman. But it’s not serialls and again intentionally or accidentally plunged the audience into shock…

Recently the Queen of outrageous drunk appeared on the photographic exhibition by renowned photographers MERTa Alas and Marcus Piggott. Picking up a glass of wine, a celebrity came to own the portrait, which was depicted in a pink corset and a metal muzzle, and tried to play his position in front of astonished guests galleries: spread her legs and opened her mouth. Looked her behaviour quite vulgar. And who knows how it would react to such a stunt, the organizers of the event, if the singer during got there her friend Turkish photographer MERT alas. The young man began to photograph Madonna, pretending that they are just goofing around…

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But for a long time to stand up, the singer could not. Then she sank to the floor and asked for another glass of alcohol. But here, the photographer encouraged her, sitting beside her.

What was the reason for such behavior of the Madonna, is unknown. Can thus pop diva to cope with the stress caused by the fact that the former husband guy Ritchie has sued her son, 16-year-old Rocco? Moreover, the court’s decision, the singer, recall, answered very sharply: she has published two post in Instagram.

“Sometimes the mother must be a bitch,” wrote the star. And then published another picture, which has drawn to itself the crown, the inscription: “But it still should be treated like Queens”. Read more HERE.