Нетрезвая Мадонна разрыдалась на сцене

The singer complained that her 15-year-old son will remain in London with his father.

Madonna is often called a female fan… it’s Hard to remember her concert, which passed without noise. The star is satisfied to stage erotic dancing, Stripping, and then falls off the stage!

The latter, incidentally, happens to 57-year-old star is so often that fans suspected that she does it on purpose… this time the singer, however, particularly distinguished by originality. And no, not fell! Although all the prerequisites for this were… the Star appeared on stage on a Bicycle. And rode on two wheels in a clown suit. But surprised the audience by no means is…

The fact that the concert star arrived fairly drunk and continued to have fun on stage. The dancers and then brought her a new “cosmopolitan” and left the drink on the coffee table.

Toward the middle of the performance it became clear that the singer booze drowned his sorrows. After the next portion of the cocktail, while I Got To Save My Baby Madonna burst into tears…

Appeared as the star entertained the audience in Australia, in London the fate of her 15-year-old son Rocco. Namely: with whom to live the teenage star mother or with his father guy Ritchie.

But at this meeting, the judge announced the final verdict. It seems the judge still hopes that parents will be able to agree among themselves. And Rocco’s not a child and can choose the house where he himself more comfortable.

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