Пьяного Ламара Одома сняли с рейса

It seems that the divorce with Khloe Kardashian to Lamar Odom just another reason to get drunk. Monday July 11 drunk three sheets and tablewares former athlete was removed from the flight Los Angeles – new York. The status of celebrity has caused a lot of excitement and the staff of the flying transport was considered that to take it on Board is risky.

Пьяного Ламара Одома сняли с рейса
Insiders claim that Lamar “has reached standard”, mixing beer and whiskey. Two first class passengers told reporters that Odom’s beginning to stir in the beginning of the flight and when the plane took off, the athlete jumped to his feet and ran to the toilet, “returned the drunk part”. He threw up all his clothes, all the bathroom on the plane and even got to some passengers. Flight attendants informed the authorities about the incident, and decided to leave it in Los Angeles.

“You know his story. I don’t want to fly with a dead man on Board” — said one of the passengers of the flight. Because of the incident with Lamar, the plane arrived 40 minutes later than scheduled.
Recall now that Odom is in the process of a divorce with his wife Khloe Kardashian. July 8, he filed a counter divorce action, claiming to recover from his wife pay for court costs. The reality star was ready to forgive the wife for what happened in the past, but under one condition: he must forever say goodbye to his demons. If this does not happen, it is irrevocably going to give him up. Lamar fell off the wagon, and his friendship with alcohol remains strong. If it goes forward, the former athlete could end up sad.

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