Drop wife and kids, Ewan McGregor caught up with karma

Бросившего жену и детей Юэна Макгрегора настигла карма
The actor left his lover.

Бросившего жену и детей Юэна Макгрегора настигла карма

Ewan McGregor


Mary Elizabeth Winstead


Yves Mavrakis, the wife of Ewan McGregor, who played the wise
Jedi Obi-WAN Kenobi in the franchise “Star wars” can feel
vengeance. Mistress Ewan, for whom he left his wife and children, from
it is gone!

As it became known, 32-year-old actress Mary Elizabeth
Winsted, where 46-year-old Euan left the family, tired of constantly falls on
her critics. Mary Elizabeth could not stand the fact that she started to turn away
her friends, and behind her constantly whispering: “Here it is, the destroyer
of the hearth!” It was criticized that she collapsed 22-year-old marriage
McGregor, who before meeting Winsted was considered one of the most successful in

In addition, all four daughters Ewan (the youngest of whom
only 6 years), shocked by the betrayal of his father, did not hide his grief, and all
sympathized with them. One of them, 15-year-old Esther, even wrote about this song and
put it on the Network. In it were these words: “When I look at these photos, I don’t
unable to restrain myself not to cry. And I don’t know if I’ll be able to forgive him…” Pictures
mentioned in his song Esther was taken in October last year. Then
paparazzi for the first time managed to shoot McGregor, kissing in a London cafe
with Winstead. As for Mavrakis, although according to the testimony of her friends, she
very upset by the wreck of his barque, Ive allowed myself only one
public comment. She said that the divorce with Ewan her brutally disappointed
hurt her…

Recall: McGregor met Mary Elizabeth
the TV show “Fargo,” where they both play a Central role. As for divorce, Ween
filed in January of this year, citing as the reasons for its decision standard
wording of “irreconcilable differences”.