Drobysh and Samburski disgraced Olga Buzova all over the country

Дробыш и Самбурская опозорили Ольгу Бузову на всю страну
The producer offered the star a career change.

Olga Buzova and Victor Drobysh

Olga Buzova has already accumulated a lot of enemies in the world of show business. Tonight joined by Victor Drobysh made a statement about the star. Producer at the nines criticized the work of Olga and advised her to change profession.

“She’s certainly a talented man, but, still nobody knows what is her talent! I am sure as a musician that music is not its strongest side. More! Erecting plywood in officialdom, it makes the bad all the Russian show-business, which is not far from the W..s. So the stage of the factory is the best place for talented derision of the arrogant phenomenon “Buzova”. Although, it’s not a bad person and could work, for example, a nurse or a cashier!” — Victor wrote in his microblog.

Today, live recital on the stage of the new “American idol” was shown the room-a parody of Nastasya Samburski (ward Drobysh). The actress came on the scene in the image of the bride in the form of a caricature depicted a few movements of the choreography Buzova and in the end Nastasia lifted her skirt and showed the inscription on underwear — “No plywood”. The controversial issue is dedicated to Olga, “blew up” social media and provoked a big scandal.

Samples of makeup ? Tune in tomorrow on e!, TLC concert @novaya_fabrika_zvezd ?

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Meanwhile, on the eve Olga premiere of her first album. As soon Buzova, Moscow will host first solo concert, which many media have already dubbed the “event of the year”. The fans hope that this time the performance of cost without maniacs erupts on the scene like it was in Dubai.