Driver Anastasia Volochkova sent to jail

Водителя Анастасии Волочковой отправили в СИЗО According to the ballerina, the man stole her a large sum of money. Alexander Skirtach worked for Anastasia Volochkova. Celebrity trusted employee and was amazed when I opened it a cruel hoax.
Водителя Анастасии Волочковой отправили в СИЗО

For several months, Anastasia tried to get the truth from his former driver Alexander Skirtach. She accused the man that he stole her a large sum of money. Famous ballerina trusted employee, however, according to her, he forged her signature on documents and deceit of appropriated funds.

Today, the sixth of October, it’s been hearing. It is now known that Alexander was taken into custody. He was charged under article “Fraud”.

“The Tver district court of Moscow on criminal case against the accused under article 159 of the criminal code (Fraud) Skirtach Alexander Ivanovich was elected a measure of restraint – detention. Out of court Skirtach sent to one of the detention centres of the city of Moscow”, – said the lawyer of celebrity Nikolay Krivchenkov.
Водителя Анастасии Волочковой отправили в СИЗО

Anastasia several times, became the heroine of the talk show and television, through which appealed to the conscience of the former employee. She was even willing to forgive the theft – for it was more important to hear an apology from Alexander. However, the man strongly deny it, saying that it is nothing more than a figment of her imagination. Former driver Volochkova has refused to apologize for stealing money

“So I have Anastasia’s mother asked forgiveness. But after she started to threaten children, audio is, the statement is. What I got was a beating – is that okay? What forgiveness?” – asked a former driver in the Studio “Let them talk”.

Volochkova told me that was generous towards the man she was paying him a salary of 80 thousand rubles per month, and treated him as a close person you can trust. However, according to her, the man was negligent – did not pass inspection, and then completely ruined an expensive car. In conversation with the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Anastasia told that you are not alone in their problems – other people also became victims of fraud Skirtach. Anastasia came face to face with deceived her driver

“Apparently, Alexander the fraudulent mind, since I’m not the first person he cheated. He told me that he served in Chechnya, and in fact Sasha, it turns out, never served. His friend came to my home and told the whole story of Alexander” – confessed celebrity.