Дрю Бэрримор зарегистрирована в приложении для знакомств

In 2016, actress drew Barrymore, after her breakup with husband will Kopelman did not panic and started looking for a new love in the Dating app. About this experience, drew told Ellen DeGeneres.

Дрю Бэрримор зарегистрирована в приложении для знакомств

It turns out that even before Barrymore dreamed about Dating in the blind. When did it become normal practice, and modern technologies allow meets in the virtual space, trying to find a few Actresses have failed. “The fact that as a teenager I was excited by the idea of a blind date. I wanted to communicate, which is not binding and which can be stopped at any second. The years passed, it became a reality.”says Barrymore.

Decide to start looking for relationships online for Barrymore was not so easy. To make a major step actress dared once looked at his colleagues and acquaintances, who have long used this way of finding a couple: “My girlfriend was sitting on one of these sites. Then I heard that Amy Schumer met my boyfriend through a dating app. And one night I did it. Then I flew home and thought, “Damn! I dreamed about it, it’s time to turn fantasy into reality.”

Creating your own profile and filling it with information in the application, drew didn’t expect that someone you know finds out about her experience. One day they had dinner with her ex-husband, who at some point said, “What are you doing in the Dating app?»

Later, the actress still refused to finding love online, but your account she never removed. “I’m still in it! But I’m trying to get out of it!»

Recall that a petition for divorce drew Barrymore and will Kopelman took in the Manhattan court where a couple is officially divorced. The couple managed to quietly and without scandal to settle the issues of custody over their daughters, olive and Frankie, as well as real estate issues.
“Drew and will wanted the divorce process was quick and painless, they didn’t want to tighten it and turn it into a show. They remain close friends. As a proof, now they are together with subsidiaries located in Nantucket” the source told reporters.
Kopelman – her third husband drew Barrymore, but this marriage is the longest in her entire life. The couple met in 2012 and got married four months after Dating.
In April of this year, insider reported “some problems in the marriage,” the famous couple, and that they stay together “just for children”. Then everyone received this information, as tabloid rubbish, but soon came the official confirmation in the form of statements of the actress.
Officially the representative drew declined to comment on their divorce, and the representative of the Kopelman journalists are still waiting for answer.