Дрю Бэрримор собралась замуж в четвертый раз
The actress wants to go down the aisle this year.

Drew Barrymore


A new novel 42-year-old drew Barrymore was rapid. She began to meet
with her current boyfriend David Hutchinson only this year, but as
say friend of the actress, it is already being build matrimonial plans. More
moreover, Barrymore is going to get married with her beloved before the Christmas

David Hutchinson, Vice-President belonging to drew
Flower Beauty company producing cosmetics and perfumes, it met already
some time ago. However, at first their relationship was purely business
in nature, they grew into the novel only at the beginning of this year. Moreover, the first time drew and David met,
trying not to attract attention to my novel. Sweet couple began to openly
to appear in public only this spring. Since then, Barrymore and her boyfriend not
seen in trendy restaurants Los Angeles, where they do
flirting with each other. One of such meetings took place in the popular
the place called “Cheeky”s restaurant”. And later, drew and David appeared together
at the wedding one of friends Barrymore…

While drew, as claimed, head in the clouds from happiness, a friend of the actress
I’m afraid that it is too much of a hurry to build again their family life. After all
Barrymore only in August last year, she divorced David Kopelman, their father
common children — 5-year-old olive and four-year Frankie. And although divorce, as claimed by former spouses,
was exceptionally “friendly”, the actress, in her confession, were a wreck
his next marriage. Before that, she had the sad experience of two
failed marriages — with bartender Jeremy Thomas and comedian Tom