Дрю Бэрримор хочет запустить собственное телешоу

Drew Barrymore plans to develop a TV career. Now the actress talks about her own TV show.

In the filmography drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore) there are practically no works for television — in recent years, the actress only works for the big screen. Periodically, the actress acts as a producer of television programs, but this time it is planning to quite different tasks.

Variety reports that Barrymore is discussing the possibility of a deal with Warner Bros. and the label of Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen starring Jimmy Fallon to sing) A Very Good Production of his own television show. If both parties agree, Ellen could become the Executive producer of the transfer.

Drew already has a contract with Warner Bros. TV’s Shed Media to the position of leading in a new show DeGeneres “First date” (First Dates). The production program is due to start in July 2016.

Barrymore is also the Executive producer of the programme Knife Fight and Tough Love.

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