Drew Barrymore talked about the education of daughters

Дрю Бэрримор рассказала о воспитании дочерей

The main priority in the life of drew Barrymore were and will forever be her children. In an interview with Good Housekeeping, the heroine of the may issue, which was the actress, she said how is going to raise their daughters Frankie and olive, born from the marriage with will Kopelman.

Дрю Бэрримор рассказала о воспитании дочерей
“I thought I knew what love is, but Holy cow, I was wrong. I even could not imagine what it is while the light is not there my girls. I am what I am only because of them. Now I superspeedy parent. I just don’t want to repeat my parents ‘mistakes” confessed drew.
The actress said that her education was “less than traditional”. In fact, parents didn’t care about the daughter, who from an early age lived alone. Barrymore believes that her daughters are not threatened to repeat her hard fate.
“I already broke this vicious circle and to raise their daughters very differently. I will raise them with all the protection and consistency. This is my chance to do something right, “said the actress.

Дрю Бэрримор рассказала о воспитании дочерей
Drew is a big optimist by nature. Despite third failed marriage, with the father of her children, she maintains close friendships. They promised each other that will remain parents of their children and will support each other always.
“Happiness, including family – it’s not something that comes by itself, it is hard work every day. You have to fight to be happy. Only when you deserve it, you can enjoy them” said drew.
Put Barrymore in a word, and about his best friend Cameron Diaz, with whom they have been friends for a very long time.

“She can pull out of any situation. If I need a friend to dinner, I call her, if you want to laze lying on the sofa I call her. If I need a medical hint – I’m calling her. She is my most loyal and fun friend that is incredibly comfortable. With her incredible honesty, but we are constantly working on our lives and our friendship. My girlfriend — my first family, and they know that I can die for them. My love for them is unbreakable” — said the Butler.

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